Shoe Midsole Printed In Just 30 Mins.

Short production lead-time for high volume products enabled with our additive manufacturing and our printer fleets; redefining production at scale for 3D printing world.

Additive manufacturing facilitates digitization in the high-labor intensive shoe-making process. As customers’ demand for personalization have grown dramatically, 3D Printing comes into play. Footwear is one of the consumer products where this transition takes place.

Digitized and Automated Production Scheduling
Lattice Structure Offers Accurate Response

Lattice design reconstructing midsoles to a single-component design with unique functional zones for precision-energy tuning, achieved the unachievable with traditional manufacturing solutions to improve performance, safety, comfort, and aesthetics for each product.

Cycling Equipment

Photo Credit: fizik
Precisely Absorb And Dissipate Pressure

User subjective-focused products are simply made possible with digitally tuned for seamless transition based on years of users’ data. The bike saddles can be designed with varying stiffness on one surface and be produced with just a print.

Through the stress data collection, the user-centered sports products are simply made possible. Setting stress distribution data as the parameters for lattice density, the bike saddle can be designed with varying stiffness on one surface and be produced with just a print.

Protective Gear

Photo Credit: Carbon
Photo Credit: Carbon
No More Composite Materials

Conventionally, impact resistant products often comprise layers of different shock absorbing compositing materials such as foam. Parametric design offers you the ability to design protective gears with extremely precise functional layering altogether and is effortlessly achieved with additive manufacturing solution.

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