Carbon 3D Printers


SQM production area

1.5 M+

annual production capacity

AMPLIFI founded in 2020 and established multiple locations for risk management; started with 16 printers and quickly ramp up to 100+ printers within a month.

Quality assurance is our top priority and have established full quality control system throughout the entire production.

Time-to-market for the product with our ability to fast iterate the product design.

Co-develop customized design for cost effective manufacturing with our enhanced automation capabilities.

Comprehensive state-of-art laboratory for various of testing requirement.​

Automation Developed by AMPLIFI

Automated production increases productivity while reducing labor demand. Therefore, AMPLIFI is eager to constantly work on fully automated production process.

Versatility Within Automation

Versatile production planning is designed for efficient changeover and we have achieved the comparative result with large volume production design.

System Management

We implement intelligent production management system such as MES and SAP to facilitate up-to-date information from raw material control to inventory management; leading the whole process efficiently to achieve the customers’ demands.

Flexible Adjustment for Production

One-stop quality manufacturing system management for production, sales and inventory enables us to keep flexible with manufacture.

High Quality Assurance

AMPLIFI has established full quality control system throughout the entire production.

Comprehensive Plan

Our comprehensive QA plan acts as gatekeeper prior to manufacturing transfer and includes monitoring material input and process yield coupled with our On-going Reliability Test (ORT) in order to guarantee you low Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) rate.

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