Application Development

Explore New Business Opportunity

AMPLIFI has a young and energetic R&D team that seeks to reach broader business sectors with genuinely unique perspective for product design optimized specifically for additive manufacturing.

Think Otherwise with Your Product

Combining with Carbon DLS and AMPLIFI’s strong New Product Introduction (NPI) support, we have a proven excellence and expertise in additive manufacturing techniques at scale. And, the lead-time is greatly reduced for the entire R&D process comparing to conventional manufacture.

As the result, we work much more efficient while maintaining excellent quality and bring your product to market in a much faster pace.

More Efficient
High Quality
Quick To Market

Designing Unconventionally

Lattice Design

Lattice structure comes with various advantages in product design. It helps to reduce material use while strengthening your mechanical structure. Moreover, the layer and desity of lattice can also be driven by parameters upon your given data such as stress distribution.

Material Application

At AMPLIFI, we not only assist you with product design but also advise you the right material use based on the technical requirement of the product and the its cost evaluation.

Designed for Cost & Manufacture

Amplifi is experienced in design for manufacturing and Cost. By integrating manufacturing knowhow with design, Amplifi can provide customers the total solution that is able to be manufactured at scale


Comprehensive New Product Introduction process from proof of concept to mass production. Amplifi can provide solutions for new process, equipment and automation development with solid validation processes.

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